Gift ideas for a 50 year old man

I am desperate for an idea of what to buy a 50 year old man for his birthday. I am invited to a party and don’t know what to get. Any ideas would be so helpful. Thank you!


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  • Donna

    Depending on his personality, you could put together theme gift bags. For example: a movie gift bag (gift card to a local movie theater, microwave popcorn, DVD to play at home, candy, etc) Or, if he is sentimental: you could get a picture that he loves (with his wife, dogs, kids, etc) and have it custom framed or have the photo itself recreated artfully (into a cartoon for example). A bottle of wine always works and you could buy a wine bag to go with it. Gift stores have unique selections! Good Luck!

  • Ina

    looking for same gift. balloons rides are an option if he’s ok with heights:) all men love watches:)

  • Jerry

    Watches definitely. I love my Casio ecodrive wave ceptor with luminous dial. It receives radio signals during the nite to keep it “on time.” Mine was purchased at Kohl’s

  • Virginia

    What are his interests? How about a magazine subscription per essemio “Cigar Afficianato”?

  • pat

    I’ve given lottery tickets, which are fun and not extremely personal or too jokey (the old age stuff gets…old). The scratch-off kind provide some activity. Works for any age.

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